Saturday, 27 February 2021

What a lovely day!

Todays anticyclonic conditions have made for a lovely day here in North Tipperary - still, dry, with occasional sunny spells, even if chilly enough for a coat when I ventured out in the afternoon to do some tidying up in the garden. Spring is such a lovely time of year, with something new to stop and admire every day. Here are some things that caught my eye today. Thanks be to God!

Mezereon (Daphne mezereum), one of many seedlings in the garden.

The darker primrose behind is Primula vulgaris ssp. sibthorpii from the Balkans, the lighter one in front is its hybrid with our native Irish yellow Primula vulgaris ssp. vulgaris

This lovely miniature daffodil is a true species from Spain, Narcissus asturiensis. I call it the Clonteem daffodil, because my Grandmother brought it with her from the house of that name where she was brought up.

My friend Caleb's Irish black bees (Apis mellifera mellifera) buzzing away at the hive. It is so nice to see them gathering pollen from the spring flowers.

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